Lawksley. Finn Lawksley.

A Spy Like Me

Recently I have been watching old seasons of Chuck on Netflix. So when I got this dress from Plastik for 50L Friday all I could think to do with it was to dress it up… spy style. I fell in love with this dress the moment I put it on. The Plastik creator is always generous with her offerings for 50L Friday and this time was no exception. The dress came in about 5 variations, along with matching jewelry and other things – all for 50L. Woohoo for awesome creators! 🙂

So, now dressed up as a spy I had to find a sim where a spy would go. I am part of a group on Flickr that posts picture of pretty and interesting sims. It was there I found Sinners Heaven. What better place for a spy to hang out then where there is sin in spades?

Sinners Heaven 2

Sinners Heaven

And here’s the details:

Finn is wearing >>>>>

:[Plastik]:- Cailin Dress-Dia [M]:// Black
:[Plastik]:- Krysis Cord (Med)://BondedLove-Black
+Cyrious+ Venoch v2.0 [Curvy]
[Gos] Paris Peeptoe – Black Satin
.trinket. and beyond bracelet
:Filthy: Alicia.v2_beach_BlondBrows (Skin)
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual
Magika [Hair] Sudden
Mayfly – Deep Sky Eyes (Teal Hazel)
[You can see a full length shot of the dress here.]

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