Exploring Neva Sky Villi

Peering in to the SunI’ve long admired pictures taken on Neva Sky Villi. So I decided to stop just going there to hang out and knuckle down and take some pictures of my own. Thing is – there is so much to take pictures of, I couldn’t take them all. I actually took these pics about a week ago but have had a cold or allergies or something that has just kicked my ass this week or so. Neva Sky Villi Collage Sunday Morning MusingsI went to Fameshed and picked up this dress and jean jacket from Coquet. I really like the look and feel of this dress. It looks so comfy. I have so much stuff that I’ve picked up lately – I am going to have to start picking up on the posting. But in the picture below you can see how I spent most of my week, when I hadn’t dragged my ass in to work. 😀 Lazy Me Finn is wearing >>>>>