Where the Wild Things Are

Where the Wild Things Are is one of my favorite children’s books. And now it’s a gacha event!  Wild Things Gacha Fair started on July 24th and runs to August 10th. There’s plenty of stuff for everyone’s tastes. I got all dressed up in a Wild Rumpus costume from a past Arcade and made my way to the island to play. Afterwards, I borrowed a little person to take pictures with some of the things you can get there. Pictured below are things from Sway’s, Kalopsia, Kuro & [Con.] and Schadenfreude just to name a few.

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Tears Are Words the Heart Can’t Say

I’m not feeling too much up for talking today – too much in my head and nothing comprehensible enough to come out. Plus I have company. The kind that is sitting here poking me in the side over and over while I do this and is about to get punched.

So here’s some pretty pictures to look at of a pretty sim called Le Botanique. It’s rainy and misty and perfect for just sitting and thinking thoughts. ( Told you, nothing comprehensible. Well,  maybe I meant  less than creative. )  I’m going to shut up for now, it’s time for some poking payback. Please don’t let my less than stellar writing deter you from visiting.

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A Walk Through Goatswood

I found myself wide awake at 4 o’clock in the morning this morning so I decided a little exploring in SL may be relaxing. I came across something, somewhere that pointed me here – to Goatswood.  Goatswood is a role playing sim.  You can visit the sim with a visitor’s pass that you can pick up in the train station that you teleport in to.

Everywhere I turned looked like a postcard. I am not a role player. I find it hard enough to remember who I am half the time. 😛   I do, however, like to play dress up.  And where better to get a beautiful gown than Evie’s Closet? In the 5 years I’ve been in SL, Evie’s Closet has been one of my favorite places to shop.

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Never Give All the Heart

It’s been ages since I wrote a blog post. And what I’ve written below is nothing like any of the previous posts I have done. I wrote this, on my phone, while sitting on a bench overlooking the bay where I live, waiting for the sun to come up. I’d been up for near 36 hours straight and had more alcohol than I would usually have had in one night, actually more than in a month. I had intended to write an email and it became more of a journal entry. I’ve only edited misspelled and missing words, otherwise this is me – uncensored, at least in that hour or so that I sat writing this. I debated actually posting this, because honestly it seems sort of juvenile. Then I recognized that was me caring about what other people think of me. That I’d written this to help me work towards figuring out a confusing situation and that maybe it would be helpful to others who have had or could have the same experience to not feel alone in their thoughts. So given that disclaimer, chose to read or don’t. It is entirely up to you.

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