Hearts Seem to Always be Broken by the Words Left Unspoken

I can’t hold this day
Understand me

To tread this fantasy, openly
What have I done

Ooh this uncertainty, is taking me over…

Why is it coming home from an awesome vacation can make me so melancholy? I’m feeling a little on the touchy side today. Of course, the fact that I stayed up most of the night – babbling pretty much nonsense – may have something to do with it. Work will be all kinds of fun… NOT. Ok, ok – no more whining!

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I am off on vacation this week – Hawaii here I come! I fully plan to be enjoying mai tais on the beach by midday today.  🙂 I hope you all have a great week. I will do my best to catch up when I get back. Aloha!

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Spank Me Once, Shame on Me … Spank Me Twice, Now We’re Getting Somewhere

Remember how I said I love Stockholm & Lima? Well here’s some more of Surrealia’s beautiful and sexy furniture. I had picked up The Princess Cage and The Rocking Horse quite a while ago at ROMP. And the Butterfly Spanking Bench at her main store even longer ago and finally got around to taking some pictures with them. Every time she comes out with something new I go snap it up. I pretty much stalk her Flickr page. No judging. Just look & see.

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The After Party Party

Remember the first love that we made
You said that you couldn’t sleep cause
Of me, told me
I caught you off guard
And then when you saw I felt the same
You pulled away
Started acting like being with me was too hard
This is what it feels like

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