Sometimes Life is About Risking Everything for a Dream No One Can See but You

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Happy New Year / New Year’s Eve! [Depending on where you are of course.] 😉 I wanted to do a quick post for the Oneword event before I finished getting ready for tonight’s festivities. I don’t know about you by my New Year’s Eve plans changed multiple times. They started with a plan to go to a party at a bar that a friend of mine works at, then were changed to be at a friend of my boyfriend’s home for a party,  and have now evolved to me having a houseful of people over for food, “friendly” competition, and fun. I say “friendly” because whenever my boyfriend Rob and his friends and my best friend Brian are playing anything it becomes this macho event. Actually it’s kind of humorous, especially when I beat them all. 😀

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