We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Program for this Public {SL}ervice Announcement

SLGBTA presents The Spread the Love Expo

Passing along some info for you all about an event opening tomorrow…  The SLGBT Alliance is holding it’s Spread the Love Expo for the second year in a row, the proceeds of which are to benefit The Human Rights Campaign.

The press release with all the info is below…

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There is No Love Sincerer Than the Love of Food

I love food in SL. The little food items that stores make and sets you can buy in gachas (and out) are some of the first things I snatch up when I start my buying sprees. Right now Atelier Kreslo has a Farewell Bake Sale going on  and there are a bunch of yummy little treats to enjoy. The event runs through February 13th so you have some time to go pick up some of the things in these pics yourself.

For this post I used the items I picked up at the Farewell Bake Sale as well as other things that I’ve picked up at Atelier Kreslo here and there (like the Donut Festival) and filled it in with other stuff I had stashed away in my closet. All in all, it turned out to be a little tucked away bakery / coffee shop that I would love to just hang around in myself.  [NOTE: This post is a tad pic heavy.]

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I Make My Bed with the Stars Above My Head and Dream of a Place Called Home

When I saw the ads for this round of Uber, I immediately knew I had to have the Stargazer Hanging bed from Cheeky Pea. This round’s theme is Celestial so creators have made stars and moons and all things in a futuristic / spacey kind of way. I ran with that theme and pulled out some things I had buried in my closet and made a bedroom using those, the bed, and a few other things I picked up at Uber.

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Every Act of Creation is First an Act of Destruction

I went searching for an urban-ish looking sim the other day and came across Virtual Decay. It made me think of The Walking Dead without actual dead bodies or zombies wandering around. And with the lights still on. But otherwise… yup, just like The Walking Dead. As I walked around I fully expected to have something jump out at me.

So I guess sans bodies and zombies, the sim looks just like civilization went to hell – in a not so nice way. I loved it. It was fun to walk around and find all the little details of destruction. Just take a look at the pictures…

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Me Fifth Element – Supreme Being. Me Protect You.

I am a self proclaimed movie nut and my inner movie geek is jumping for joy. This week for her Monday Meme, Strawberry Singh decided to dress up as a character from a movie that she loves. So now we all get to do it too! You can see the details of what Berry did here. (By the way – I love Labrynth too.)

I love movies. Comedy, drama, action, romance, mystery, musical… you name it, I watch it. But for this meme I decided to go with my all-time favorite movie ever. Anybody who’s seen it can probably guess right off from the pic – maybe even some of you that haven’t. [Plus hey – the post title sure helps too]   😉

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Friendship Doesn’t Count Miles. It is Measured by the Heart.

When Blue and I get together to do something, what should take 15-30 minutes to do suddenly takes four hours. Not that that’s a complaint at all. Because the truth is, I don’t realize that four hours have passed. We laugh, we bitch, we hold back tears. We dish out advice, we ask for some. We do the “remember whens”, the “can’t believe its”, “did you knows”, and “have you seens”. We’ve seen each other through ups, downs, sideways(es), loop de loops, and any which ways. We can cram quite a bit in. It’s a talent.

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