Trust Your Intuition and be Guided by Love

I’ll keep you safe, as safe as I can
When all the elements around us have other plans
I pray we don’t break in unsteady hands
I swear if you call I will come so quick,
I am at your command

As long as I live
As long as I’m breathing
You will be safe
As long as we’re dreaming

Just close your eyes
Everything’s gonna be just fine
You can peek on the other side…

It’s that time again! Time for wizards, princesses, rogues, and all kinds of fantastical types to gather and feed the ever growing gacha tidal wave at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. The FGC – as it is dubbed (and much easier to type!) – opened February 11th and runs through March 15th.

I’m not a role player, but I do like to play dress up, and hello… GACHA …so I made my way there. Actually, I got to go a couple days early because well, because I am awesome. Oh and  maybe because I am in a cool group that gets early access. But mostly, it’s because I’m awesome. 😉

~Trust your intuition and be guided by love

I started with Reverie, Sway’s and Rack Poses for this pic and filled with other stuff – both gacha (from previous events) and non-gacha. Reverie is a new store to me and one I am happy to have found this round. They made to what I affectionately call the “Esmeralda & Phoebus” costumes that Rid and I are wearing. When I passed the items to Rid – all he said to me is “I’m not wearing tights.” *shakes her head* Even in a pixel world…  😛 The fortune teller tent and all the accoutrements are by Sway and the pose is the rare from the Once Upon a Time gacha by Rack Poses.

Here’s a closer shot:

~Fortunes ToldThis will probably not be the only post I end up doing with FGC stuff so stay tuned for more. But in the meantime go play!

Your wagon to the FGC >>>

Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Song of the now >>>

Close Your Eyes

Finn is wearing >>>

SKIN: Glam Affair – Sia skin (Fairy Tales)
BODY: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V2.1
FRECKLES: -Glam Affair – Candy – Freckles
EARS: [MANDALA] Steking Ears
TOP: {Reverie} Dirty Glass Top – Vintage Brown [@ FGC]
SKIRT: {Reverie} Dirty Glass Skirt – Vintage Brown [RARE] [@ FGC]
RING: EarthStones – Double Infinity Ring (Right hand)
Izzie’s – Initial Love Ring (Left hand) [@ With Love Fair]
BRACELET & BANGLES: Dirty Glass – Vintage Silver [@ FGC]

Rid is wearing >>>

SKIN: *BIRTH* Brick Skin (ForestTone)
HAIR: [monso] My Hair – Matthew / Black [@ TMD]
BEARD: *Valiant & Sacred* 2.0 Chin Strap v1
EYES: IKON Sunrise Eyes – Gaelic Silver
HANDS: Slink
EARS: [MANDALA] Steking Ears
TATTOO: Reckless – Consciouness
OUTFIT: {Reverie} Barroom Hero – Armor Shirt [RARE], Trousers, Belt and Sash, Holster & Shoes (Brown) [@ FGC]
RING: Izzie’s – Initials Love Ring [@ With Love Fair]
BRACELET: Izzie’s – Favorite Pain Bracelet [@ With Love Fair] ^


(TLND) Wooden Chair
-tb- Tea Time – Poof Balls ^
ISPACHI [EMERSON] Apples & Pears
oyasumi / stack of books ^
Soy. Crate
Sway’s [Fortune Teller] book [@ FGC]
Sway’s [Fortune Teller] bunting [@ FGC]
Sway’s [Fortune Teller] candle [@ FGC]
Sway’s [Fortune Teller] card [@ FGC]
Sway’s [Fortune Teller] chair RARE [@ FGC]
Sway’s [Fortune Teller] crystal ball [@ FGC]
Sway’s [Fortune Teller] display board [@ FGC]
Sway’s [Fortune Teller] stool [@ FGC]
Sway’s [Fortune Teller] table [@ FGC]
Sway’s [Fortune Teller] tent RARE [@ FGC]
Sway’s [Magic Potion] Love Elixir RARE ^
Sway’s [Magic Potion] Revenge Brew ^
Sway’s [Magic Potion] Wealth Potion ^
Trompe Loeil – Antique Crate Decor
Zigana . Gypsy Caravan . luxurious trash RARE ^
{vespertine} crate/vegetables
{what next} Pine Ridge Campfire

POSE >>> RACK Poses – Once Upon A Time **RARE** [@ FGC]

Title quote by Charles Eisentein


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