We Can Never Obtain Peace in the Outer World Until We Make Peace With Ourselves

“The worst battle you have to fight is between what you know and what you feel.”
~ Unknown

Life is a learning experience. That experience can be both a joyful one or a painful one, or anything in between the two, and often simultaneously. Sometimes you realize that the biggest obstacle you have in learning and growing or moving forward, is yourself. For personal reasons – I won’t go into them here – I’ve been in a battle with myself as of late.

When I saw the topic of Berry Singh’s Monday Meme this week, I saw it as an opportunity to focus on some of the positive in my life. The challenge is to share things that you’ve learned as a result of your time and experience in Second Life, whether the reasons are personal or professional, whatever those “lessons” have taught you.

The Battle Within

Here are some of the things I’ve learned as a result of being in Second Life:

TECHNOLOGICAL KNOW HOW: Before I came to be in Second Life, my computer skills were pretty much limited to word processing and surfing the web. I never really paid attention to RAM, or video card capabilities, or processor speed outside of just wanting a computer that didn’t wheeze with exhaustion if I had a paper I was working on for school open at the same time I was browsing the net for sources or the correct spelling of antidisestablishmentarianism (for example) or messing around in MySpace (did I just date myself?). I now know what minimum requirements are needed for a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience and lust after newer, faster, prettier technology even after getting a new computer myself. I also have learned tips and tricks to make a computer run faster or about programs that I would have never come across had I not been a resident in the virtual world. These things have carried over into my professional life and I’ve been able to use the knowledge I’ve gained as a result of being in SL to advance my computer skills – even one as small as typing speed – and use them to my advantage.

BLOGGING: I learned how to blog! Besides the obvious need to learn the technical aspect of blogging, the experience also has a personal reward. I mean, who knew how rewarding the creativity I put in to my picture choices, the words and thoughts that I share, the sense of accomplishment when I realize other people do read (or at least look) at what I’ve done and relate to it, could truly be. I don’t necessarily use my blog as an outlet for my emotional vomit – though there has been a time or two – but even the process of taking a pretty picture and putting it to music helps to mellow me out. And now that I’ve been taking the time to post more frequently, I’ve noticed a kind of calm feeling that being creative in my blog seems to give me.

PHOTO EDITING: I took pictures before I became a blogger though not so many as I do now. As a result I’ve learned how to smooth out rough edges, blend colors together, use dramatic effects to give depth to an image, etc. And the learning process doesn’t end, which make my inner geek dance in giddy joy. I love to learn and take that new knowledge and apply it in some tangible way. And photo editing – though it may be a small thing – gives me an opportunity to do that. Now if I could just manage the patience to learn Photoshop… I don’t suppose anyone has extra to lend me?

PEOPLE ARE AWESOME / PEOPLE SUCK: This is not NEW knowledge I’ve gained in SL per se, but more a reiteration of what I already knew of people in general. Second Life can be very much like “real life” or what a person close to me calls “first life”. Because, online based or not, Second Life is real – the emotions, the attitudes, the effect it can have on you mentally and maybe even physically are all real – it all just  plays out in a virtual space. I’ve seen true stupidity and true courage, true charity and true cruelty. I’ve had my trust betrayed, my feelings crushed, my patience tried and my heart broken. I’ve also made some true and real friendships that transcend the virtual and have become as real to me as a friendship that I physically see the person each and every day.

I think anyone that has spent time in SL has come to the realization that not everyone behaves as they would if you were face to face. Being behind a computer monitor and keyboard seems to give certain individuals the thought that they possess a license to be, well, assholes. In my time in SL I’ve had to learn to both grow a thicker skin and a stronger backbone. To know when to walk away or when to say my piece or both. Of course, it doesn’t always work out the way I intended or even the way I maybe needed it to, but what is life – any life really – but an exercise in learning and growing as an individual and adapting to whatever comes your way?

Fight MyselfI am still pretty much learning something new about how to do things in SL on a weekly, if not, daily basis. Learning is a part of life that never ends, no matter how big or small the lesson may be. It’s a part that I enjoy and hope to continue learning all that I can. As Master Yi, a character in one of my sons’ favorite online games, says – “A true master is an eternal student.”

Musical motivation >>>


Finn is wearing >>>

SKIN: ESSENCES {Loulou} Medium01 *brunette*
BODY: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V2.1
HAIR: +elua+ Shena – Black
FRECKLES: -Glam Affair – Candy – Freckles
EYES: IKON Charm Eyes- Industrial
EARS: [MANDALA] Steking Ears
TATTOO: Letis Tattoo :: Inermis :: & [SY] Hurt Me! (Black Eye, Left)
TOP: Bueno – White Tank [@ Kustom 9]
SHORTS: *Fishy Strawberry* Sweat Shorts – Dark Grey
BOXING GLOVES: dirtyland:: Boxing Gloves – Red


.:Standby Inc. – Marshall Bag
.:Standby Inc. – Lee SpeedBag
Dutchie – Towel on the ground
Pilot & Exposeur – Aerobic Step
Pilot & Exposeur – Floor Handweights
Pilot & Exposeur – Floor Waterbottle
Pilot & Exposeur – Hand Weights Rack

junk. hunt skybox. (for shadows)

POSE >>> an lar – Constant Series [@ The Fantasy Collective]

Title quote by the Dalai Lama.

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