Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!”

Spring has arrived in SL! Like I did for the Winter season, I took some time to TP around and check out some sims with pretty Spring scenery for those of us who love to take pics and those who just love to explore. Come and take a peek…

Spring Destination CollageBelow you will find additional pics as well as some information about each of the places pictured above (starting from top left). You will find the SLurls to each place below their picture.Goatswood - Maypole1 – Goatswood is a role-playing sim but it is open to visitors. All you have to do is pick up an visitor’s pass in the train station before heading to the sim to explore. The sim has a Renaissance faire feel to it and comes complete with a stone dance and gypsy camp. So strap on your inner knights and princesses and go check it out.Blithe - Waterside2 – Harlow Heslop’s sim Blithe is open to the public for exploring and picture taking. I headed over there for the first time just a few days ago and let me just say pretty, pretty, pretty! There were so many little areas that you could take some really beautiful pics. Thanks to Harlow for sharing with us.Sacred - Path3 – Sacred is Sophia Harlow’s home sim and she’s graciously opened it to the public for a short time. (Thank you, Sophia.) From the Italian villa home to all the gorgeous views, you won’t be disappointed with your visit. Just make sure it’s soon – I believe Sacred is only open to the public until April 3rd.Jacobs Pond - Creek4 – This next sim is one I found in the Winter and was suitably impressed with the natural, seasonal feel the sim owner conveyed. For the Spring season, Jacobs Pond has done it again. With all the green and woodland creatures, you feel as if you’ve stumbled into a national park.Frisland - Kite5 – Another sim that has recently made the seasonal switch is Frisland. I absolutely love this sim. There’s always so many pretty things to look at. But my favorite is the huge windmill that seems to be the sim’s signature landmark. Right now there’s a little sandbar off the beach with some adorable seals on it. Make sure to look for them while you’re there.Scribbled Hearts - Walk With Me6 – Scribbled Hearts is one a my favorite places to go – and not just because one of my favorite stores, Tarte, is there. The sim has cute little places to sit and relax or snap a few pics or both, whatever suits you while you’re there. Take a wander around and see what you can find.Tudor - Greenhouse7 – While perusing the SL Destination Guide a couple of weeks ago I was pointed in the direction of Tudor, a picturesque sim with plenty of spots for some pretty photo ops. It was a little on the crowded side while I was there, probably as a result of being featured in the guide of course. I found myself derendering people here and there in order to not have them photobombing my pics. 🙂 Go take a peek for yourself.Hy's Park - Fountain8 – Hy’s Park is an adorable little spot with pretty scenery and a little cafe to sit in and enjoy. It’s not a whole sim like my other entries but it is definitely worth a trip to check it out.

Hope these all places give you guys some inspiration and backdrops for your Spring pics. Have fun exploring!

Title quote by Robin Williams


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