The problem with introspection is it has no end

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve done one of Berry SIngh’s Monday Memes and for this week she has done a pretty easy one. The task – should we choose to complete it – was to complete a series of “I” statements with whatever came to mind first. You can see Berry’s post here, along with a link to a text version of the statements for easy completion.

~ The problem with introspection is it has no endI decided to set the “stage” for my moments of introspection with 8f8’s newest gacha creation Silent Conversations – a koi pond, complete with koi and blossoming sakura tree. After all, isn’t introspection a silent conversation with yourself? And something I tend to do – a lot. More again lately given certain situations in my life. As self-introspection goes though, this was a piece of cake. Here’s my answers to this week’s prompts:

I am… me.

I want… to be happy.

I have… a brain that refuses to shut down sometimes.

I wish… I had it all figured out already.

I hate… people who make themselves feel better by putting others down.

I fear… losing people I love.

I search… for answers to all my questions.

I wonder… why people think I’m strong.

I regret… not finishing school.

I never… pass on an invite to go out for Mexican food.

I always… look for the silver lining. (I don’t always find it, but I always look for it.)

I usually… laugh to hide my hurt.

I dance… all the time & like no one is watching.

I sing… along to anything and everything. (Most often while dancing.)

I often… overthink things. *coughs*

I sometimes… say I’m okay when I am not.

I cry… more often than people think.

I need… to learn to be more patient at times & less lazy at other times.

I should… have probably slept at some point today.

I love… my family & friends. (and Batman, Nathan Fillion & Reese’s Pieces) 😉

And here’s another picture of the pond just because I couldn’t chose just one…

~ All About MeFinn is wearing >>>

SKIN: Essences {Loulou} Medium01 *brunette*
HAIR: Truth – Avena
EYES: IKON Charm Eyes – Industrial
TOP: Foxes – Throw Back Tee – Haha No. [@ N21]
SKIRT: Foxes – Throw Back Denim Mini – Black [@ N21]
SHOES: REIGN. Braided Sandals – Black


8f8 – Silent Conversations – Pond RARE, Sakura Tree RARE & Koi Fish
‘Monger: {YC} Floating Candle \\
Half-Deer – Panda in Origami Boat & Plain Paper Boat

Title quote by Philip K. Dick

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