Lead Me Into Temptation

“The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it.
Resist it, and your soul grows sick with longing
for the things it has forbidden to itself.”
~ Oscar Wilde

It’s the beginning of the month again, so you know what that means – event start overload. Two events that started yesterday – ROMP and Candy Fair. The bow cuffs I’m wearing are Fetch’s offering at ROMP. I just HAD to get them. And all the desserts are from Candy Fair. (You can see what’s what below.)

Hope that everyone who celebrates it had a great 4th of July. 🙂

TP to sugary goodness >>>

Candy Fair 2015

TP to kinky fun >>>


Finn is wearing >>>

Pixicat – Temptation Corset
[Fetch] Bow Cuffs (@ ROMP)
Stockholm and Lima – Candy Collar (@ Candy Fair)


Sari-Sari – Sweet Stuff – Gumball Tree RARE *
Sari-Sari – Sweet Stuff – Liquorice Jar *
Sari-Sari – Sweet Stuff – Gumball Jars *
Sari-Sari – Sweet Stuff – Candy Table *
+Half-Deer+ Catty Creamery Ice Cream – Love UNCOMMON *
+Half-Deer+ Catty Creamery Ice Cream – Unikitty RARE *
{NIJI} cafe} Donutdisplay .::Cubic Cherry::. RARE *
{NIJI cafe} Sleepy snack .::Cubic Cherry::. RARE *
{NIJI cafe} Donut .::Cubic Cherry::. *
{NIJI cafe} Milkshake .::Cubic Cherry::. *
{NIJI cafe} Macaroni JAR .::Cubic Cherry::. *
{NIJI cafe} candy JAR .::Cubic Cherry::. *
{NIJI cafe} lollipop JAR .::Cubic Cherry::. *
The Hive – Banana Split Bar [Whipped Cream] *
The Hive – Banana Split Bar [Syrups] *
Trinket – Sweet Treat Trio wall decor (@ Candy Fair)

* = Candy Fair gacha item



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