All the stars in the heavens shine for you

I spent some time yesterday people watching. Just found a nice spot down on Cannery Row and sat back, with the sun shining down and the sounds of sea birds and surf providing the soundtrack, and just watched. Watched as a mother held the hand of her child who was not quite ready to walk alone, as a group of friends decided which restaurant to eat lunch at, as an older couple slowly walked hand in hand while others passed them and smiled.

Too often we go about our lives with little thought to what or who else is out there. And then tragedy strikes, and we’re reminded that not all is as picturesque as a day by the ocean, people watching. It’s the awful things, like the horrible events in Paris, that make my heart hurt. That made me want to stay home, where I would be ‘safe’. The thought that there are people who prey on the innocent to make a dramatic statement or to foster terror, is not a new one. Just one that seems to fade away as time passes. Until the next time, then it all comes rushing back. And that IS terrifying. Though to not go on living, as heartless as it may seem to continue on, that’s just another way the terrorists win. So we live, but we don’t forget.

My thoughts and prayers are with those who have lost someone and those coping with the aftermath of fear. Know that you have the support of a world united with you.

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