About Finn

Hi and welcome to my blog!

In Second Life I like to explore, shop, and play the gachas – OMG play the gachas. 😀 I decided to take my addiction, err… love of gachas, shopping, and picture taking and share with anyone who would care to see. I’m a little on the goofy side, so if my posts seem a bit skewed more to a comedy routine – don’t take offense. I just love to make people smile and laugh.

Please feel free to comment. Good feedback makes me get the warm and fuzzies.

If you’re a creator, designer, sim owner, etc., etc., and you’d like me to put your stuff and/or your sim in my blog just send me the info and I’ll check it out. You can send notecards with the info to Finn Lawksley inworld. I can’t promise to cover everything, but I will try!

Thanks for checking out my blog!


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