Your Light Will Shine When All Else Fades

Stardom isn’t a profession; it’s an accident.
~ Lauren Bacall

A couple of weeks ago I came across an Oscar fashion picture contest via Strawberry Singh’s weekly roundup. Harper Ganesvoort has been hosting this contest for some time, as this is the 6th year this contest has run. This is the first year I’d heard of it and planned to enter as soon as I heard. The idea is to get dressed up in your red carpet best and take an Oscar themed pic. You can see all the details here on Harper’s blog. The cutoff date is tomorrow, Feb. 22 by midnight – which is fitting since the Oscars are tomorrow night.

I’d been meaning to take a picture as an entry for about a week and finally was able to grab  my friend Colby early this morning to take the picture I had in mind.

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Kissing the Old Year Out, Kissing the New Year In

One minute to midnight
One minute to go
One minute to say good-bye
Before we say hello

Let’s start the new year right
Twelve o’clock tonight
When they dim the light
Let’s begin

Kissing the old year out
Kissing the new year in

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Love is What’s in the Room With You at Christmas if You Stop Opening Presents and Listen

…Merry Christmas, darling
We’re apart, that’s true
But I can dream and in my dreams
I’m Christmas-ing with you…

My family has had the tradition of having Chinese food for Christmas Eve dinner for over 40 years. So when I saw the Not So X-mas Dinner that Le Primtif had in their gacha machine at The Arcade I knew it was a must have set for me. Lucky for me the machine was very nice to me and all I had to get on my own through trading was the fried rice. After all, what’s Chinese food without the fried rice?

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SL:On Location – Pinoy Hideout Island

My ramblings in SL have taken me here to Pinoy Hideout Island.  The sim was designed/decorated by the talented Neva Crystall (of the Neva River Sims) and they are currently running a photography contest. I’d heard about the contest but was unable to sit down and take the time to explore much until now. And I am glad I did. It’s beautiful here, with places to dance or to sit and talk, or to just wander around. As with most of my location posts, I am going to let the pictures speak for themselves…

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You Can Pretend It’s Meant to Be, But You Can’t Stay Away from Me

Yeah you can start over you can run free
You can find other fish in the sea
You can pretend it’s meant to be
But you can’t stay away from me
I can still hear you making that sound
Taking me down rolling on the ground
You can pretend that it was me
But no

Baby, I’m preying on you tonight
Hunt you down eat you alive
Just like animals
Like animals

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Hey There Sugar, Take My Hand – I’ll Lead You to Candyland

October is a month FULL of events in SL. There’s the Halloween things to do of course, but there are so many others too. One of these is The Candy Fair. This event is running for its second year and has all kinds of items having to do with sweets and candy and sugar and yummy goodness. The Candy Fair is on two adjoining sims and includes a gacha garden in the center.  🙂

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