I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night

It’s been a while since I did a purely decor post. I got so many decorative pieces from the creators in the Fantasy Gacha Carnival and I wanted to highlight some of them on their own. Everything you see in these pics – except for the skybox itself – is from FGC. I decided to put together an astronomer’s room / office. Take a closer look below:

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Keep calm and game on

I am not a gamer. My hand / eye coordination when it comes to video games… to say it’s “poor” – hello understatement. My style is button mash until death. ūüėÄ Puzzle games? Now I could do those all night. And have been known to. Frequently and repeatedly. Now this game room that doubles as a mini home theater, that’s totally my style. Hate This has made this¬†game room set for Geeks ‘n’ Nerds that I pulled out of the boxes as soon as I saw the ad. And then proceeded to geek out over all the movie titles SL-ized style.

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Time to go pumpkin hunting

Just a super quick “get another Arcade pic done” post before I head out for the evening to do¬†some trivia and whiskey tasting. My friends and I are instituting a “Whiskey Tasting Wednesday” once a month. It’s a thing. Anyways, this round of the Arcade close tonight. You’ve got – *checks the clock* – 5ish more hours to get your fill until it comes back on December 1st.

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I tried to be the lover to your nightmare

At this moment I am listening to my friend drunkenly sing along to whatever song catches her attention on YouTube. Sometimes I can tell what songs they are… and sometimes not. This is a common occurrence when she drinks. All through her musical adventures,¬†I am either trying to muffle¬†my laughter or giving up the fight and bust¬†out laughing. What I am supposed to be doing is writing this post though.

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The only thing I’ll ever ask of you

Today is the first day of Autumn. (For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere anyways.) There were several times that I thought about starting up my blogging again and as this day approached I thought – why not? Autumn is my favorite season of all, though I usually refer to it as “Fall”. (And no, the rhyme there was not intentional.)

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