When Love is Real, It Finds a way…

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”
~ Dr. Seuss

I got to spend some time catching up with one of my favorite people tonight. ❤

You ever have one of those conversations where you talk about everything and anything – no matter how serious or silly or both – and it just goes on and on until you completely run out of time or energy? That was tonight for me.

So no witty chatter about the stuff in the pic (sorry). Check out the credits below for the info… 😉

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Imperfection is Beauty, Madness is Genius and It’s Better to be Absolutely Ridiculous than Absolutely Boring

Just a quick 2-in-1 post… a look and a location. I had gone through the recent previews/releases from We Love to Blog group, picked a few to feature and then went wandering for a place to snap a few pics and found Izumi Shrine, an Asian themed Winter location.

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Sometimes You Will Never Know the Value of a Moment Until it Becomes a Memory

In my downtime over the last couple of weeks I’ve been binge watching old episodes of Numbers along with anyone who will sit down and watch with me. The show is near ten years old and it’s kind of interesting to see what the hot topics were at that time and a little scary to realize, when it comes to some topics, that things really haven’t changed all that much.

I am up way too late yet again so this is going to be short and sweet. For this post I have used some things from Oneword, but have also included a couple new releases from Tameless. All the credits of what’s what and where to get things are below. 🙂

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And When It’s Christmas I Believe in Santa Claus

I believe that dreams come true,
If you wish for a dream by a wishing well,
Don’t tell your wish or you’ll break the spell,
It may sound naive, but that’s what I believe…

This time of year always seems to be so busy – shopping, planning, parties… when I finally get a chance to sit and relax it’s usually sitting on my comfy couch with a fuzzy red blanket and only the lights of the Christmas tree on and either a book or the remote for the TV in my hand. And that’s only for as long as I can stay awake.

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Seek Your Serenity

Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes,
but when you look back everything is different…
~ C.S. Lewis 

I was recently invited to be a blogger for We Love to Blog. This is my first post for them, so hello to all you WLTB readers, welcome to my blog.

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