I Thought this was Just a Phase, but Everyday I Slip, Starting Over

A Little Taste

You’re so bad but I want a taste.
A little taste you have, come on over
Right now, take me down.
I want your poison…

A little taste, oooh…

Don’t stop, I haven’t had enough.
You’re mine, ’til the sun comes up.
I can’t have just one…

Baby, I just want your lovin’
A little taste, oooh…

A Little Taste - For EntertainingToday’s post is decor heavy again with a little pose fun thrown in. I am really enjoying doing this decorating thing lately. And especially with ALL the gacha stuff I have, it makes sense to have some fun with it and not just collect it like I’m on Hoarders. That shit is scary. Just thinking about what my inventory would look like in the physical would is making me sick to my stomach. UGH. Anyways… I had fun, hope you enjoy looking. Look below for the credits.

A Little Taste - Making Pies

Musical treat >>>

A Little Taste

Finn is wearing >>>

SKIN: -Glam Affair- Rose Skin (Jamaica) 01
HAIR: +Spellbound+ Sunday – Monochromes
EYES: IKON Promise Eyes – Industrial
TATTOO: [Atooly] infinity Tattoo & Garden of Ku – The Wired Garden
TOP: Blueberry – Jennifer Mesh Tank Top – White
PANTIES: Isabel by Insolence
NECKLACE: N-Creation Starry Night Necklace

Colby is wearing >>>

SKIN: *BIRTH* Nico Skin (lighttone)
HAIR: ~Tableau Vivant~ Victor hair – Black+whites
FACIAL HAIR: *Valiant & Sacred* 2.0 Chin Strap – Darker
EYES: [LeLutka]-Ellis Eyes-Sleet
TATTOO: AITUI – Star Stratus
UNDERWEAR: GAS [Tinned MESH Boxer Briefs]
JEWELRY: N-Creation- Starry Night Necklace & Stars Lip piercing

Decor items >>>

(epia) – Workshop Attic Skybox [BUILD @ Chapter Four]
*paper moon* Rustic Woodland Stool – Leaf/Fall & Strawberry (RARE)*
Second Spaces – Poker Set RARE*
Second Spaces – Well-stocked Pantry – baskets of raw goods*
Second Spaces – Well-stocked Pantry – canned goods*
Second Spaces – Well-stocked Pantry – dry goods*
Second Spaces – Well-stocked Pantry – jams RARE*
Second Spaces – Well-stocked Pantry – snacks RARE*
Second Spaces – Well-stocked Pantry – spices*
[DDD] Pie- Pumpkin
[PM]Pixel Mode THB – Flour Bowl*
[PM]Pixel Mode THB – Stacked Baking Pans*
[PM]Pixel Mode THB – Wisk*
Apple Fall Pillar Candles
Apple Fall Reading Piles*
Apple Fall Ruffled Rug*
Apple Fall Tea Time Teaset*
Apple Fall Meadow Flowers
Apple Fall Plantation Bookshelf (Rustic)
Apple Fall Plantation Cabinet (Rustic)
Apple Fall Plantation Corner (Rustic)
Apple Fall Plantation Counter (Rustic)
Apple Fall Plantation Dining Chairs (Cream)
Apple Fall Plantation Dining Table (Rustic)
Apple Fall Plantation Sink (Rustic)
Apple Fall Plantation Stove Hood (Rustic)
Apple Fall Wide Stove (Red)
ISPACHI – The Odyssey : Cutting Board
ISPACHI – The Odyssey : Radio on Books
ISPACHI – The Odyssey : Vineyard Platter
ISPACHI [FLORIAN] Sleeping Puppy in Basket RARE*
ISPACHI [EMERSON] Apples & Pears [@ The Liason Collaborative]
ISPACHI [EMERSON] Caged Pumpkins & Pinecones [@ The Liason Collaborative]
ISPACHI [EMERSON] Floor Lamp [@ The Liason Collaborative]
ISPACHI [EMERSON] Foot Stool [@ The Liason Collaborative]
ISPACHI [EMERSON] Pumpkin on a Stack of Books [@ The Liason Collaborative]
ISPACHI [EMERSON] Rocking Chair [@ The Liason Collaborative]
ISPACHI [EMERSON] Watering Can [@ The Liason Collaborative]
oyasumi / pumpkin candle [@ The Season’s Story]*
oyasumi / wooden bench [@ The Season’s Story]*
PILOT – Cookbook RARE*
PILOT – Cooking Pumpkin*
PILOT – Kitchen Timer*
PILOT – Kitchen Tools*
PILOT – Mixing Bowl*
PILOT – Paper Towels*
PILOT – Rolling Pin*
PILOT – Spice Bowls*
PILOT – Sugar and Eggs*
Plethora – Wine Bottle – Courage*
Plethora – Wine Bottle – More*
{vespertine-apple pie}*

*gacha item

RIDIC. Sweet as Sin Pose [@ Candy Fair]


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