‘Cause there’s a piece of me and it’s burning in your heart…

… even death could never tear us apart.

Halloween is fast approaching. As it gets closer I find myself making plans for the holiday and keeping traditions I keep every year. Things like going apple picking or to the pumpkin patch and watching Halloween-ish movies like Hocus Pocus and Don’t Look Under the Bed. In SL there’s Havenhollow and gacha style trick or treating just to name a couple of things. With both Wayward Halloween and TAG! Gacha going on at the moment, we gacha lovers are inundated with treats and in my case – a need for all the “shiny” things. 🙂

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Keep calm and game on

I am not a gamer. My hand / eye coordination when it comes to video games… to say it’s “poor” – hello understatement. My style is button mash until death. 😀 Puzzle games? Now I could do those all night. And have been known to. Frequently and repeatedly. Now this game room that doubles as a mini home theater, that’s totally my style. Hate This has made this game room set for Geeks ‘n’ Nerds that I pulled out of the boxes as soon as I saw the ad. And then proceeded to geek out over all the movie titles SL-ized style.

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And the GEEKS shall inherit the Earth

Woohoo! Geeks ‘n’ Nerds 2015 starts today! And as usual I’m geek-ing out on all the goodies. As a widely known bookworm and movie aficionado (nerd word alert!) – I am in my own little version of geek paradise. And just look at those bookcases from DRD. Love, love, LOVE! As a blogger for the event, I got passed a crap ton of items from the event to blog (Thank you creators!) and when I saw these bookcases I knew I just HAD to use them.

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Giddy Up ;-)

ROMP is fast becoming one of my favorite events in SL. I go, shop some, stay away for a couple days, then go back and shop some more – rinse and repeat. *shakes her head* When I saw the items that Artisan Fantasy is offering at the event my first thought was “Save a horse, ride a cowboy.” I can NOT be the ONLY one who had that pop into their head. 😀 Continue reading “Giddy Up ;-)”

If you’re gonna be bad… Invite me

ROMP is back. And it’s time for some kinky, sexy fun. I picked up a few *coughs* things at the event. The bed is Stolkholm & Lima’s contribution called the Industrial bed. (Thanks Surrealia! <3) There are four different versions for whatever your particular taste. Pun intended. 😉

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