Pretty As a Picture

Black & White Portrait

She is pretty as a picture
She’s like a golden ring
Circles me with love and laughter
I can’t feel a thing…

It’s gonna rain down fire
It’s gonna burn us all
Sky’s gonna open
People gonna pray and sing
I can’t feel a thing
Oh.. I can’t feel.

I took the picture above for Strawberry Singh’s Black & White Portrait Challenge. It was time for me to have a new profile picture and this was an easy and quick blog challenge to complete. Soooo … ta da!

I like black and white pictures, they somehow show more detail and, depending on the image, can invoke more emotion than their color counterparts.  I went for a simple image and I think I got it. I took the picture in color and then took the color out instead of taking it in black and white. Here’s the image in color:

Original Portrait

I think it turned out pretty good in color as well. Easy peasy post for the day. I’ve got more stuff to blog a bit later but for now nap time is over and it’s back to play time with a gorgeous little man who is demanding my attention with crayons and chocolate and calls me Auntie, even if it is just an honorary title. 🙂

A Little Mellow Ear Candy >>>

Pretty As a Picture

Finn is wearing >>>

SKIN: -Glam Affair- Rose Skin (Jamaica) 01
HAIR: Little Bones – Losing Count
EYES: IKON Promise Eyes – Industrial
TATTOO: [Atooly] infinity Tattoo
NECKLACE: N-CREATION Starry Night Necklace


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