SL’s Tour of Lights

Free Bird sponsored a Tour of Lights in SL this weekend. I am very late in getting my post done for it and I apologize. Between my computer not cooperating when I was home and going to a Winter Solstice party that my boyfriend’s friend’s wife had put together (my first btw – and some interesting fun), I ended up spending more time away from home than I had thought I would. There is still time to go see all the pretty houses and decorations though. Look at some of the examples: Tour of Lights - Stop # 3Tour of Lights - Stop # 3 CollageThe tour is both outdoors and in people’s homes. I mostly cammed in to the houses rather than walked in because I felt odd just walking in to stranger’s houses. Though I suppose camming in is just as intrusive but the home owners were aware people would be all over the place at their homes, in fact the sponsor said to be sure to peek inside too. So get your inner nosy person on and look away. 🙂Tour of Lights Stop #16Tour of Lights Stop # 32Tour of Lights Stop # 31Tour of Lights Stop # 29Tour of Lights Stop # 23There are 32 stops in all and though I did try to snap pics at every stop I was not able to include them all in this post. [NOTE: To homeowners – if you are not featured here and would like to see the pics I took of your home (if I was able) just send me a notecard inworld and I’ll see about forwarding those pics to you.]Tour of Lights Stop # 20Tour of Lights Stop # 18Tour of Lights Stop # 1

Music to tour to >>>

A Charlie Brown Christmas (Full Album)

Starting point >>>

[ free bird ] Tour of Lights December 18 - 21






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