‘Cause there’s a piece of me and it’s burning in your heart…

… even death could never tear us apart.

Halloween is fast approaching. As it gets closer I find myself making plans for the holiday and keeping traditions I keep every year. Things like going apple picking or to the pumpkin patch and watching Halloween-ish movies like Hocus Pocus and Don’t Look Under the Bed. In SL there’s Havenhollow and gacha style trick or treating just to name a couple of things. With both Wayward Halloween and TAG! Gacha going on at the moment, we gacha lovers are inundated with treats and in my case – a need for all the “shiny” things. 🙂

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I tried to be the lover to your nightmare

At this moment I am listening to my friend drunkenly sing along to whatever song catches her attention on YouTube. Sometimes I can tell what songs they are… and sometimes not. This is a common occurrence when she drinks. All through her musical adventures, I am either trying to muffle my laughter or giving up the fight and bust out laughing. What I am supposed to be doing is writing this post though.

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Your Light Will Shine When All Else Fades

Stardom isn’t a profession; it’s an accident.
~ Lauren Bacall

A couple of weeks ago I came across an Oscar fashion picture contest via Strawberry Singh’s weekly roundup. Harper Ganesvoort has been hosting this contest for some time, as this is the 6th year this contest has run. This is the first year I’d heard of it and planned to enter as soon as I heard. The idea is to get dressed up in your red carpet best and take an Oscar themed pic. You can see all the details here on Harper’s blog. The cutoff date is tomorrow, Feb. 22 by midnight – which is fitting since the Oscars are tomorrow night.

I’d been meaning to take a picture as an entry for about a week and finally was able to grab  my friend Colby early this morning to take the picture I had in mind.

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In One Drop of Water are Found All the Secrets of All the Oceans

Here’s yet another post featuring stuff I got at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. \o/ This time it’s all about The Forge. It’s pretty and shiny and doesn’t cover my boobs. 😉 And that headpiece… WOW. I know I can’t be the only one who’s noticed that a lot of fantasy items for women are somewhat Princess Leia-ish a la Jabba the Hutt. (Bonus points to those of you who get the reference, though I’m thinking there aren’t too many people who wouldn’t.)

I’m not sure why I went all water goddess with this set, it seemed to be the thing to do. Of course the beautiful weather we’ve been having in my little corner of the planet (74 degrees yesterday!) makes for some nice beach time and may have had a little bit of influence in how I did this pic.

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Sometimes You Will Never Know the Value of a Moment Until it Becomes a Memory

In my downtime over the last couple of weeks I’ve been binge watching old episodes of Numbers along with anyone who will sit down and watch with me. The show is near ten years old and it’s kind of interesting to see what the hot topics were at that time and a little scary to realize, when it comes to some topics, that things really haven’t changed all that much.

I am up way too late yet again so this is going to be short and sweet. For this post I have used some things from Oneword, but have also included a couple new releases from Tameless. All the credits of what’s what and where to get things are below. 🙂

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Nerd? I prefer the term “Intellectual Badass”

It’s that time again… (or will be in about an hourish) … time for Geeks’n’Nerds 2014! I got an early invite, along with the rest of the SL Blogger group, to check out the offerings on blogger day. Ironically, I’ve had these pictures done for hours but got distracted – first by a book and then by re-watching episodes of Firefly – in true nerd fashion.

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