I tried to be the lover to your nightmare

At this moment I am listening to my friend drunkenly sing along to whatever song catches her attention on YouTube. Sometimes I can tell what songs they are… and sometimes not. This is a common occurrence when she drinks. All through her musical adventures, I am either trying to muffle my laughter or giving up the fight and bust out laughing. What I am supposed to be doing is writing this post though.

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Happiness Often Sneaks in a Door You Did Not Think was Open

… And I don’t want to wait
I just want to know
I just want to hear you tell me so
Give it to me straight
But tell it to me slow

Cause maybe someday
We’ll figure all this out
Try to put an end to all our doubt
Try to find a way to just feel better now and
Maybe someday we’ll live our lives out loud
We’ll be better off somehow

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If a thing loves, it is infinite.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Thought I’d get this post out before I head out for my Valentine’s surprise. Surprises on Valentine’s Day can be – well – iffy. But my boyfriend wants to do something special for me so I’m gonna go with the flow on this one because love makes you do the wacky.

Anyways, most of what I have in this post is from this round of Collabor88 – where I pretty much bought the place out. There was so much awesomeness this round! Here’s a first peek from me…

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Life isn’t About Finding Yourself. Life is About Creating Yourself.

This week for her Monday Meme Berry wrote about her blogging milestones. Since my blog and my posting regularly is new in comparison – sort of a toddler to Berry’s adult – I decided that I probably wouldn’t have too much to say about milestones quite yet. So I am doing last week’s challenge this week and because I am doing so on a Monday, the procrastinator in me somehow feels as if I am on time. Yes, I know. My logic is skewed – welcome to my world.

So last week for her Monday Meme, Berry proposed making motivational posters for Second Life. You know the ones. They were up ALL over the place – doctor’s offices, schools, company lobbies… I think I may have even seen one in a public restroom at one time. You can see her post about the topic here. She even linked it to a nifty website that lets you turn you images into a poster.

I think my poster is a little on the hokey side…

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The Joy of Christmas Stays Here Inside Us & Fills Each and Every Heart with Love

It’s been raining here where I live on and off (mostly on) for near the last two weeks. The sun was shining for a while today though the rain clouds were hovering right off the coast just waiting to drench us some more. It doesn’t snow here, so rain and icy windows or rooftops is as close as it gets to a “white” Christmas for me. Why am I sharing this? Well, I love the rain. It usually mellows me out and for some reason this much rain so close to Christmas – along with some other things – has made me nostalgic for the Christmases of my childhood, or those of my kids’ when they were young.

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