And the GEEKS shall inherit the Earth

Woohoo! Geeks ‘n’ Nerds 2015 starts today! And as usual I’m geek-ing out on all the goodies. As a widely known bookworm and movie aficionado (nerd word alert!) – I am in my own little version of geek paradise. And just look at those bookcases from DRD. Love, love, LOVE! As a blogger for the event, I got passed a crap ton of items from the event to blog (Thank you creators!) and when I saw these bookcases I knew I just HAD to use them.

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Giddy Up ;-)

ROMP is fast becoming one of my favorite events in SL. I go, shop some, stay away for a couple days, then go back and shop some more – rinse and repeat. *shakes her head* When I saw the items that Artisan Fantasy is offering at the event my first thought was “Save a horse, ride a cowboy.” I can NOT be the ONLY one who had that pop into their head. 😀 Continue reading “Giddy Up ;-)”

If you’re gonna be bad… Invite me

ROMP is back. And it’s time for some kinky, sexy fun. I picked up a few *coughs* things at the event. The bed is Stolkholm & Lima’s contribution called the Industrial bed. (Thanks Surrealia! <3) There are four different versions for whatever your particular taste. Pun intended. 😉

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The problem with introspection is it has no end

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve done one of Berry SIngh’s Monday Memes and for this week she has done a pretty easy one. The task – should we choose to complete it – was to complete a series of “I” statements with whatever came to mind first. You can see Berry’s post here, along with a link to a text version of the statements for easy completion.

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The heart may be weak and sometimes it might even give in…

…but I’ve learned deep down there’s a light that never goes out. ~Sora

Action & Adventure is the theme of this round of Level Up, an SL event based on video game genres. The event opened up a couple days ago on March 19th with a ton of cute stuff. Now, I consider myself a geek but I admit my video game knowledge is pretty lacking. I pretty much know only what I watch being played by my kids or other people I know. My gaming skills are pretty… unskilled. Well, unless it’s Mario Kart – I kick ASS at Mario Kart. Just saying.

One of the games I remember my kids playing A LOT of was Kingdom Hearts. Swagga made some stuff for Level Up that was inspired by Kingdom Hearts. I took a quick pick with some things you can get from them this round – take a look… Continue reading “The heart may be weak and sometimes it might even give in…”

Positive Thinking Sees the Invisible, Feels the Intangible, and Can Achieve the Impossible

…Why not think about times to come,
And not about the things that you’ve done,
If your life was bad to you,
Just think what tomorrow will do.

Don’t stop, thinking about tomorrow,
Don’t stop, it’ll soon be here,
It’ll be, better than before,
Yesterday’s gone, yesterday’s gone…

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