Time to go pumpkin hunting

Just a super quick “get another Arcade pic done” post before I head out for the evening to do some trivia and whiskey tasting. My friends and I are instituting a “Whiskey Tasting Wednesday” once a month. It’s a thing. Anyways, this round of the Arcade close tonight. You’ve got – *checks the clock* – 5ish more hours to get your fill until it comes back on December 1st.

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Isn’t it perfect how the memories feel the same? It feels just like coming home.

Isn’t it perfect how the memories, they feel the same?
Isn’t it amazing how the song remains unchanged?

‘Cause it’s you that I’m runnin’ to,
And it’s you that I’m feelin’ for lately…

‘Cause you are home to me

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We must change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves; otherwise we harden

…When the storm comes,
You shelter me.
And I don’t say a word,
And you know exactly what I mean.
In the darkest times,
You shine on me.
You set me free.
And keep me steady as we go…

Troubles they may come and go,
But good times be the gold.
So if this road gets rocky babe,
Just steady as we go.

Sometimes I just don’t have words when I’m in a mood so I let songs speak for me. Today is one of those days. ❤  I wanted to share some of the goodies I picked up at the blogger preview for the Shiny Shabby event that is opening in just about an hour. Man, is there a lot to love, take a look!

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There is No Love Sincerer Than the Love of Food

I love food in SL. The little food items that stores make and sets you can buy in gachas (and out) are some of the first things I snatch up when I start my buying sprees. Right now Atelier Kreslo has a Farewell Bake Sale going on  and there are a bunch of yummy little treats to enjoy. The event runs through February 13th so you have some time to go pick up some of the things in these pics yourself.

For this post I used the items I picked up at the Farewell Bake Sale as well as other things that I’ve picked up at Atelier Kreslo here and there (like the Donut Festival) and filled it in with other stuff I had stashed away in my closet. All in all, it turned out to be a little tucked away bakery / coffee shop that I would love to just hang around in myself.  [NOTE: This post is a tad pic heavy.]

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I Make My Bed with the Stars Above My Head and Dream of a Place Called Home

When I saw the ads for this round of Uber, I immediately knew I had to have the Stargazer Hanging bed from Cheeky Pea. This round’s theme is Celestial so creators have made stars and moons and all things in a futuristic / spacey kind of way. I ran with that theme and pulled out some things I had buried in my closet and made a bedroom using those, the bed, and a few other things I picked up at Uber.

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Love is What’s in the Room With You at Christmas if You Stop Opening Presents and Listen

…Merry Christmas, darling
We’re apart, that’s true
But I can dream and in my dreams
I’m Christmas-ing with you…

My family has had the tradition of having Chinese food for Christmas Eve dinner for over 40 years. So when I saw the Not So X-mas Dinner that Le Primtif had in their gacha machine at The Arcade I knew it was a must have set for me. Lucky for me the machine was very nice to me and all I had to get on my own through trading was the fried rice. After all, what’s Chinese food without the fried rice?

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