I’m Pretty Sure I Did Something to Deserve that Spanking…

…what do I have to do to get another? ūüėČ

The other day on Plurk someone asked what some fetishes or kinks people had. I’m not entirely sure what prompted the question, probably curiosity¬†most likely. With the popularity (or infamy) of 50 Shades of Grey,¬†“kinky fuckery” has been more widely talked about. [NOTE: I did read the books at the urging of a friend, but I will not be seeing the movie. I honestly have not heard one person say anything better than “It was alright” about it.]

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#SecondLifeProblems – According to Me

Once again it’s time for a Monday Meme brought to us by the ever creative¬†Berry Singh. This time it’s all about the trivialities¬†of life in SL. (You can see her instructions for this meme¬†here.) She, along with the talented¬†Zaara Kohime, made some nifty mesh tees to make memes with our SL problems. These pics are my contribution to the cause, as it were. Not that the first one is a problem per se, just a little silly at my own expense. Hope they get some chuckles…

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Be Careful Who You Trust – Even the Devil was an Angel Once

The Fantasy Collective starts a new round again today, in just about an hour actually, at noon SLT. The theme this time in “Celestial”. Hence the angel picture. Though I am angelic anyways. [Much more so than my friend Blue anyways.] ¬†;-p

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I’m the Hand That Will Take You Down

Anger issues. I got ’em. Or a really short fuse and NO patience. (Same thing, yeah?) Either way, that’s how I got here. Doing this girl fight pose with my friend, Blue. We’d actually talked about doing a pose like this before, though I think we were going to go more for a superhero thing. Enter lack of sleep and¬†appetite, and general fed upped-ness with anything and everything¬†and “Hello darkness!” instead of capes and tights. The thing is, when I get in a mood of punching faces and stomping body parts I usually end up pissed at myself the most. Funny how that works, huh?

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