The World was on Fire and No One Could Save Me but You

“When women go wrong, men go right after them.”
~ Mae West

The ROMP Fresh event kicks off today and let me just say… YUM. ROMP’s theme is elegant kink, and Fresh, which is their Winter fair,  is centered around contemporary kinky items.  I am part of [SL] Blogger Support group and since they were invited to check out the event a bit early, I got to beat the crowds and take my time looking around.

I picked out a couple of poses, some furniture, and some lingerie from the event and played around with them for a bit. Check it out …

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If You Want to Know Where Your Heart Is, Look Where Your Mind Wanders

I decided to go for a bit of exploring today. I had seen a group message from the Love to Decorate group a few days ago about checking out Scribbled Hearts – the sim that houses Tarte and Plethora’s main stores. I had saved the message so I would remember to go, so I looked up the slurl and  away I went…

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