Trust Your Intuition and be Guided by Love

I’ll keep you safe, as safe as I can
When all the elements around us have other plans
I pray we don’t break in unsteady hands
I swear if you call I will come so quick,
I am at your command

As long as I live
As long as I’m breathing
You will be safe
As long as we’re dreaming

Just close your eyes
Everything’s gonna be just fine
You can peek on the other side…

It’s that time again! Time for wizards, princesses, rogues, and all kinds of fantastical types to gather and feed the ever growing gacha tidal wave at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. The FGC – as it is dubbed (and much easier to type!) – opened February 11th and runs through March 15th.

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Life isn’t About Finding Yourself. Life is About Creating Yourself.

This week for her Monday Meme Berry wrote about her blogging milestones. Since my blog and my posting regularly is new in comparison – sort of a toddler to Berry’s adult – I decided that I probably wouldn’t have too much to say about milestones quite yet. So I am doing last week’s challenge this week and because I am doing so on a Monday, the procrastinator in me somehow feels as if I am on time. Yes, I know. My logic is skewed – welcome to my world.

So last week for her Monday Meme, Berry proposed making motivational posters for Second Life. You know the ones. They were up ALL over the place – doctor’s offices, schools, company lobbies… I think I may have even seen one in a public restroom at one time. You can see her post about the topic here. She even linked it to a nifty website that lets you turn you images into a poster.

I think my poster is a little on the hokey side…

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You’ve Already Got Me Coming Undone, And I’m Thinking Two is Better Than One

Close to  a week ago I posted a public {SL}ervice announcement about the SLGBTA Spread the Love Expo that started on February 1st and runs through the 15th. Part of the proceeds from this event are going to the Human Rights Campaign – you can see the info about the cause on the SLBTA website. I am finally getting around to showing you some of the great stuff you can pick up there. Take a gander…

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The Scars You Can’t See are the Hardest to Heal

I believe I can see the future
Cause I repeat the same routine
I think I used to have a purpose
But then again
That might have been a dream…

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I Make My Bed with the Stars Above My Head and Dream of a Place Called Home

When I saw the ads for this round of Uber, I immediately knew I had to have the Stargazer Hanging bed from Cheeky Pea. This round’s theme is Celestial so creators have made stars and moons and all things in a futuristic / spacey kind of way. I ran with that theme and pulled out some things I had buried in my closet and made a bedroom using those, the bed, and a few other things I picked up at Uber.

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Friendship Doesn’t Count Miles. It is Measured by the Heart.

When Blue and I get together to do something, what should take 15-30 minutes to do suddenly takes four hours. Not that that’s a complaint at all. Because the truth is, I don’t realize that four hours have passed. We laugh, we bitch, we hold back tears. We dish out advice, we ask for some. We do the “remember whens”, the “can’t believe its”, “did you knows”, and “have you seens”. We’ve seen each other through ups, downs, sideways(es), loop de loops, and any which ways. We can cram quite a bit in. It’s a talent.

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