I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night

It’s been a while since I did a purely decor post. I got so many decorative pieces from the creators in the Fantasy Gacha Carnival and I wanted to highlight some of them on their own. Everything you see in these pics – except for the skybox itself – is from FGC. I decided to put together an astronomer’s room / office. Take a closer look below:

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Giddy Up ;-)

ROMP is fast becoming one of my favorite events in SL. I go, shop some, stay away for a couple days, then go back and shop some more – rinse and repeat. *shakes her head* When I saw the items that Artisan Fantasy is¬†offering at the event my first thought was “Save a horse, ride a cowboy.” I can NOT be the ONLY one who had that pop into their head. ūüėÄ Continue reading “Giddy Up ;-)”

Trust Your Intuition and be Guided by Love

I’ll keep you safe, as safe as I can
When all the elements around us have other plans
I pray we don’t break in unsteady hands
I swear if you call I will come so quick,
I am at your command

As long as I live
As long as I’m breathing
You will be safe
As long as we’re dreaming

Just close your eyes
Everything’s gonna be just fine
You can peek on the other side…


It’s that time again! Time for wizards, princesses, rogues, and¬†all kinds¬†of fantastical types¬†to gather and feed the ever growing gacha tidal wave¬†at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. The FGC – as it is dubbed (and much easier to type!) – opened February 11th¬†and runs through March 15th.

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If You’re Going to Push My Buttons, Make Sure to be Pushing the Right Ones


Flick, flick, flick a switch
Turn around, turn it on
I, I said I’m ready
Dial it in, turn it up…

…Let’s have some fun…

I think this one is self explanatory though here’s the short version: Stockholm and Lima made these x-rated gamer chairs and video game consoles for the Consensual event and I had to have them. The rest I’ll leave up to your imaginations…

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Where the Wild Things Are

Where the Wild Things Are is one of my favorite children’s books. And now it’s a gacha event! ¬†Wild Things Gacha Fair started on July 24th and runs to August 10th. There’s plenty of stuff for everyone’s tastes. I got all dressed up in a Wild Rumpus costume from a past Arcade and made my way to the island to play. Afterwards, I borrowed a little person to take pictures with some of the things you can get there. Pictured below are things from Sway’s, Kalopsia, Kuro & [Con.] and Schadenfreude just to name a few.

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