Trust Your Intuition and be Guided by Love

I’ll keep you safe, as safe as I can
When all the elements around us have other plans
I pray we don’t break in unsteady hands
I swear if you call I will come so quick,
I am at your command

As long as I live
As long as I’m breathing
You will be safe
As long as we’re dreaming

Just close your eyes
Everything’s gonna be just fine
You can peek on the other side…

It’s that time again! Time for wizards, princesses, rogues, and all kinds of fantastical types to gather and feed the ever growing gacha tidal wave at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. The FGC – as it is dubbed (and much easier to type!) – opened February 11th and runs through March 15th.

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Christmas Cookies & Happy Hearts, This is How the Holiday Starts

One of my favorite things to do during the holidays when I was a kid was to make cookies with my mom. I think I probably ate more cookie dough than anything else (Butterscotch chip cookies=best EVER!), but what I really loved about it was the time we got to spend together making goodies for all the parties and get togethers that happen during the holidays.

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Seek Your Serenity

Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes,
but when you look back everything is different…
~ C.S. Lewis 

I was recently invited to be a blogger for We Love to Blog. This is my first post for them, so hello to all you WLTB readers, welcome to my blog.

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Nerd? I prefer the term “Intellectual Badass”

It’s that time again… (or will be in about an hourish) … time for Geeks’n’Nerds 2014! I got an early invite, along with the rest of the SL Blogger group, to check out the offerings on blogger day. Ironically, I’ve had these pictures done for hours but got distracted – first by a book and then by re-watching episodes of Firefly – in true nerd fashion.

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I’m So Glad I Live in a World Where There are Octobers

Some people believe that holding on and hanging in there are signs of strength.
However, there are times in life in which it takes much more strength to just let go.

I’d been wanting to do a purely decor post with some of the Autumn/Halloween stuff I have stashed in my inventory for a while now. So I spent a few (maybe a dozen?) hours pulling stuff out and rezzing it, picking it up, pulling out more… it was an odyssey. So the final product is a combination of new and old things and makes me want to grab a book and a cup of tea and just be here. The credits are below, and may be a little scary, but I think I got it all.

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