The Joy of Christmas Stays Here Inside Us & Fills Each and Every Heart with Love

Winter - NightIt’s been raining here where I live on and off (mostly on) for near the last two weeks. The sun was shining for a while today though the rain clouds were hovering right off the coast just waiting to drench us some more. It doesn’t snow here, so rain and icy windows or rooftops is as close as it gets to a “white” Christmas for me. Why am I sharing this? Well, I love the rain. It usually mellows me out and for some reason this much rain so close to Christmas – along with some other things – has made me nostalgic for the Christmases of my childhood, or those of my kids’ when they were young.

Right now there is a lot going on in SL event wise, and I wanted to share some of my favorite things from a few of those events. I also wanted to do something peaceful and reflective. So I turned on some relaxing Christmas music and went to work.

There are items in the pics from The Liason Collaborative, Kustom 9 and Collabor88. (Some of which are gacha items of course.) 😀 I was recently chosen to be a blogger for Keke [Thank you Kean!] and her items from Kustom 9 are so pretty and perfect for the mood I was in and trying to set. And I found some other Keke stuff from past events to fill in too.Winter - Come InsideI got asked the other day how I come up with my ideas like this. Usually, unless I have a specific idea in mind, when I do a decor post like this I tend to rezz a TON of stuff out with only a vague “I want to use this in a pic” thought in mind. Then I start moving stuff around and eventually it all comes together. And then, if I am not completely sure it is all the way I want, I log out or go do something else and come back to it later. My friend Blue has watched me do this before. I think I may scare her with the amount of prims I have rezzed at times. But it works for me. Here’s some more detail…Winter - Gazebo DetailsI put all of the pretties in the Garden Gazebo by Barnesworth Anubis out at Collabor88 now. I have the snow version out but it does come with a non-snow version as well.Winter - WelcomeCredits are below and for store/event locations check out my commonly used SLurls page (link at the top). Happy shopping!

Listening to >>>

Where Are You Christmas? [Beautiful cover by The Piano Guys]

Decor >>>

+Half-Deer+ Northern Cardinal F – Static [@ The Liason Collaborative]
+Half-Deer+ Northern Cardinal M – Static [@ The Liason Collaborative]
+Half-Deer+ Winter Birdhouse Lantern – Holly [@ The Liason Collaborative] *
+Half-Deer+ Winter Birdhouse Stand – Oak A [@ The Liason Collaborative freebie]
[ keke ] berries – red
[ keke ] boxed glass balls – glow RARE *
[ keke ] champagne bubblissimo bucket – silver *
[ keke ] champagne bubblissimo truffles *
[ keke ] champagne glass – coupe *
[ keke ] champagne glass – coupe pink RARE *
[ keke ] snow jar – deers
[ keke ] snow jar – fox
[ keke ] snow jar – magpies
[ keke ] snow jar – glitter [@ Kustom 9]
[ keke ] snow jar – snow hares [@ Kustom 9]
[ keke ] twinkling lights log – bare wood [@ Kustom 9]
[CIRCA] – “Deer Lake” Holiday Heart Wreath – Angel *
[PM]Pixel Mode – Fireplace – Off White [@ The Liason Collaborative]
[PM]Pixel Mode – Hurricane Snow Vase – White [@ The Liason Collaborative]
[PM]Pixel Mode – Sled with Logs [@ The Liason Collaborative]
Pixel Mode Stocking – Green – A to E [@ The Liason Collaborative] *
Pixel Mode Stocking – Red – F to J [@ The Liason Collaborative] *
A.V. Alpes Green Gnome [@ The Liason Collaborative] *
A.V. Alpes Red Gnome [@ The Liason Collaborative] *
A.V. Alpes Sledge RARE [@ The Liason Collaborative] *
Kuro & [Con.] – [Christmas bits] Cookie box [@ The Liason Collaborative] *
Kuro & [Con.] – [Christmas bits] Tiny Santa RARE [@ The Liason Collaborative] *
tarte. joy marquee [@ The Liason Collaborative]
tarte. light clutter rug [@ The Liason Collaborative]
{anc} NOEL : frilled furrug / choco [@ The Liason Collaborative] *
{anc} NOEL : tears tree / RARE [@ The Liason Collaborative] *
Trompe Loeil – Fireplace Logs and Fire

[barnesworth anubis] garden gazebo – snowy [@ Collabor88]

* gacha item


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