Walking Through a Winter Wonderland… or Nine of Them

SL Winter WonderlandsI spent some time recently hopping all over the grid looking for a Winter sim to take some pictures on. I decided to put them all in a blog post and share them with anyone who is looking for a sim to take Winter pics on or just ones to explore. There are so many beautiful sims decked out for the season. Some are a little more festive than others but all of them are snowy and peaceful. (You’ll find links for the SLurls under each picture.)

Scribbled Hearts - The Lone SnowmanScribbled Hearts is home to Tarte and Plethora. They have recently reopened their sim after having it redone it for the Winter. It is definitely a place to check out.

Frisland - WindmillI’d seen pics of Frisland on other peoples’ Flickrs and decided to go check it out. I ended up staying a while, checking out every building and seeing all the cute little details. They allow group rezzing for picture purposes though you do have to contact the sim owners for an invitation to the group.

NSV - Cafe & Ice RinkI love going to visit Neva Sky Villi. Every time I go I find something new to check out. This time it was a cute little ice skating rink next to a outdoor cafe.

Jacobs Pond - FallsThis sim is one I was brought to by a friend. Jacobs Pond is absolutely beautiful. The setting is very natural feeling and it is peaceful and quiet.

Pinoy @ Dark WinterPinoy Hideout has been made over for Winter as well. There’s a lot to walk around and check out and places to sit and chat. Don’t forget to go party with the bartenders!

Umbral Photo - LighthouseThe Umbral Photography sim is a photographer’s playground. Lot’s of picturesque views as well as cute little details. You are able to rezz on this sim – just please remember to pick up after yourself so the next visitor can enjoy the sim as well.

Winter Imagination - BalloonWinter [Imagination] is a whimsical sim for people to explore, take pictures, hang out, etc. Check out the ice skaters while you’re there.

Let It Snow - GazeboFor a more holiday themed sim, check out Let it Snow. There’s even a band playing music there with a dance floor for visitors to enjoy. Just take a wander and see what you can find.

Vespertine - CafeOne of my favorite stores, Vespertine, has redone her sim into a Winter wonderland. While you’re there you can shop and then head over to the little cafe for a hot cocoa.  🙂

Have fun exploring!


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