Well I’m Just Gonna Do Here What I Gotta Do Here, ‘Cause I Gotta Keep Myself Free

Sarawak #1

… You’ve taken your words and you take your judgments
And stick them onto everything
If it don’t conform to what you were born into,
Then you run the other way  …

We’ve got nothing to lose
You better run and hide
Yeah you’ve crossed the line
I’ve got a knife behind my back (just sayin’)
We’ve got nothing to prove
Your social guides give you swollen eyes
But what I’ve got can’t be bought so you can just

Call it what you want …

Sarawak #3I found another place to wander around [somewhat] aimlessly and peek in to all the little places and see the pretty places people can make. Welcome to Sarawak…

The  pictures here are just a few areas on the sim that caught my eye and had me taking pictures, but there are many more.

Sarawak #2My song choice this time around was made because I just found out I am going to see Foster the People in November. \o/ And, and, AND … I get to go see Maroon 5 in March! \o/\o/\o/ Sure does work out well when you like the same music as the person buying the tickets huh?

Anyways, turn on the music and have yourself a peek at Sarawak. 🙂

For your ears >>>

Call It What You Want

Location >>>



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