When Loving Gets You Killed … {Part 2}

The Blood Letters case is heating up. Before I start, I once again give you the disclaimer – there is content you are going to see that may be considered ‘spoilers’ and this briefing is quite picture heavy and there are images not suitable for children or for work. Proceed at your own discretion.

Blood Letters Day 7 - Amanda DurdenAmanda Durden – Author

When I last briefed you, we had two bodies and little to go on. We met up with author Amanda Durden, the woman who wrote a book about “The Mantis” killer. Amanda mentioned that the recent killings included a detail that had not been released to the general public and warned to proceed with caution when dealing with this murderer.

There have been four more murders. We have come to the conclusion that the woman arrested for the initial eight murders has someone working on the outside to make it look like she is the one continuing her killing spree. We are still piecing together the connections between the victims. It seems though that there is a personal vendetta that they are leading us to.

Blood Letters Day 8 - Janice the doctorVictim #3 – Dr. Janice

Blood Letters Day 10 - Scarlett Pennington the authorVictim #4 – Scarlet Pennington

Blood Letters Day 13 - Michael GreeneVictim #5 – Michael Greene

Blood Letters Day 15 - Lillian GrayVictim # 6 – Lilian Gray

Not only have the killings continued, but we have gotten other clues that the killer had personal involvement with a detective on the case. This poem was left for him and a letter detailing their previous meeting. Blood Letters Day 11 - PoemWe received permission from the prison to meet with “The Mantis” but were unable to see her,  because of her being put into isolation. We were told to come back but before we could – she broke out of prison. Blood Letters Day 16 - Jailbreak

Now the hunt for the fugitive killer is on. We need to find this woman BEFORE she can follow through on her threats to kill our detective or anyone else.

[NOTE: I did not have a chance to take any pictures of the prizes this time. I apologize. You can see what some of the prizes have been so far here. I was trying to keep up with the hunt and not let too much time go by between posts about the progress.]

Click the poster below to get started:

Blood Letters Poster


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