When Loving Gets You Killed … {Part 3}

Ok folks… here it is. The mad dash, sprint for the end of the latest MadPea mystery craze – Blood Letters. I crammed the last week or so all into this last post. As before, there are a couple pictures that you may not want your co-workers or boss peeking over your shoulder to see AND what is in this post could be considered to be “spoilers”. Also – word of warning, because I am including so many days in this, there are quite a few pictures. Alright – let’s get started.

When we last were briefed on the case, the murderer known as “The Mantis” had just made a daring escape from prison. The next day, our detective received a letter from her stating that she had gone off with one of the bodyguards assigned to protect him. As with the others she wrote of before, we again arrived too late to save the victim.Blood Letters Day 17 - Jarvis BlueHoping to get some further insight into the suspect, we contacted the psychiatrist who was seeing her while she was incarcerated. She was of little use, citing doctor-patient privilege, but we circumvented that and were able to access Samantha Mason’s file.Blood Letters Day 18 - Angela Wilson M.D.'s OfficeBlood Letters Day 18 - Angela Wilson, M.D. Patient NotesThe doctor, Angela Wilson, seemed to think at one point that her patient was not aware of what she’d done. She also mentioned that Samantha seemed to be more talkative towards the time of what we now know was her escape from prison. She did not go in to hiding as one may think a fugitive would but first took Jarvis Blue’s, bodyguard to our detective, life and then another, artist Violet Smith.Blood Letters Day 19 - Violet SmithHoping once again to gain some more insight into this killer’s mind, we traveled to the home she grew up in as a child. And while we were there, we located a journal she had written in as a child and a painting of a place she had written of as somewhere she went to be alone.Blood Letters Day 20 - Sam's HomeDuring this time, we had not heard from our police contact, Gabriel Reed, for some time. We were to soon find out why. We received a message to meet him, but when we got there…Blood Letters Day 21 - Gabe ConfessesWhether Gabe took his own life, or was killed by The Mantis – we are not entirely sure. The policeman did leave a letter expressing his love for the murderer and confessing to killing for her.

Our fellow detective’s parents, unknowing of the danger, kept leaving messages for the detective in regards to a party they were going to be having. They’d even asked him to pick up a statue as decoration. Unfortunately, the parents did not go unnoticed by the fugitive. She wrote a letter taunting the detective that she could easily get to them at anytime.Blood Letters Day 23 - Parents' HouseWe were too late to save them from being kidnapped by the murderer. She left a letter describing what she made them do and how she had cut off the ear of the detective’s father.

The next day another letter was left at the detective agency telling how she had buried them in a grave and time was running out to save them.Blood Letters Day 24 - Grave TimeWhen we were able to locate the grave she described and crack the code needed to unlock the keypad, they were not there just another note from our fugitive teasing that it would not be that easy to save them.

Another letter arrived the next day speaking of a final showdown, Samantha wanted the detective to attempt to save the lives of his parents. She spoke of a place special to her and how the original painting of the place had been sold to someone else. We rushed to the store where the painting was on display and followed the clues to this place that seemed to be so important to her.Blood Letters Day 25 - PaintingBlood Letters End - The BarnWe entered the barn and soon found a door leading underground to a maze of caves.Blood Letters End - In ThereBlood Letters End - CavesAfter rushing through the caves as quickly as possible, we were able to locate where the parent were being held. They were in some sort of contraption connected to yet another device of some kind to which we had to figure out the code before the parents would be drowned in the water below them.Blood Letters End - Save the ParentalsLuck was on our side, and we we able to crack the code and save them. However, all that was left of Samantha Mason was one last letter saying goodbye and implying that she would return in the future. Exploring further we found an area that seemed to be a place that Mason used for honing her killing skills.Blood Letters End - PrizesIs this the last we will see of the killer known as “The Mantis”? Time will tell. But if this experience has taught me anything, it is to expect the unexpected.

[NOTE: At the conclusion of the hunt there are a lot of prizes tucked away in those body fridges. (I don’t know the technical term. lol) I did not have a chance to open any of them since it was late and I wanted to do this post now to give any of you that would like to complete the hunt time to do so. It runs through November 30th, at which time I assume MadPeas will shut it down. You can get all the info here regarding the hunt itself, as well as posts on the MadPea blog with pictures of the prizes. I hope you had/have fun doing the hunt. I did. And thank you for bearing with me and my mediocre retelling of the storyline.] 🙂


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